"Speed is the Result of Proper Technique"

1-on-1 SBK Training

This is our track based program with an emphasis on high speed cornering.  The beauty of the 1-on-1 format is the curriculum is designed for you and your current level.

                                     WATCH 1-ON-1 SBK TRAINING VIDEO

  • Real time radio communication between student and instructor
  • Bike-to-Bike video to review in class
  • ½ day, full day and multi-day programs available
  • Beginner riders to seasoned track rider
  • 2-up rides by AMA Pro Racer Ted Rich at race speeds


  • ½ day $500 plus trackday fee*
  • Full day $950 plus trackday fee*
  • Multiday and multi rider discounts, call for info
  • Track prepared motorcycle rentals available for an extra fee


*$100 to $175 depending on track

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