"Speed is the Result of Proper Technique"  
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We are the next level in 
Rider Training

By using Radio Communications between Instructor and Student, we are able to take your riding to the next level very quickly and efficiently.  You will learn proper riding technique faster and easier.

1-on-1 SBK Training – Track Based

  • Real time radio communication between student and instructor
  • Bike to bike  video to review in class
  • ½ day, full day and multi-day programs available
  • Beginner riders to seasoned track rider
  • Track Prepped Rental Bikes Available

                  WATCH 1-ON-1 SBK TRAINING VIDEO


Urban Survival – Street Based

  • Real time radio communication between student and instructor
  • Perfect for new riders and anyone who rides the street regularly
  • Closed course
  • Street Bike Rentals Available

Riding Clinics – Classroom only

  • This is the classroom part of our SBK School

  • Track Prepped Bikes
  • Street Bikes
  • Leathers
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1-on-1 Training with a Pro-Racer